Annual Report

We envision a world of hope, discrimination and social justice without poverty, where human rights are respected and all people, irrespective of the social class will live in dignity and security.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; babies’
steps cumulatively leading to giants’ steps. There are no one
giant steps that make things happen, but a bunch of little steps
strung together to make giant steps. Every successful endeavour
especially those with the potential of a lasting legacy always have
a story, a background motivation that inspires acts of leadership
and selfless service; it’s about starting with the Why.

Aside from a passionate concern for marginalized communities; the disturbing state of inequalities in the country where over 56% of the population lives below the poverty index wherewith as a nation, Nigeria has often termed the Poverty capital of the globe.
These disturbing stats of 112 million people living in poverty further, culminate into more disadvantages especially for the vulnerable where 10.5 million children are out of school and an average of 28% of women in Nigeria aged 15-49 have experienced some form of physical or sexual violence.