Access To Quality Education

Education still remains the most lethal weapon to change the world and combat discrimination. we believe deeply that the best way to empower people and marginalized communities is to give them access to quality and sustainable education. it is the fundamental human right of every child to have access and receive a quality education.

As part of the mandate, we at lift Africa foundation are committed to the unsustainable development goal envisioned for 2030 as list number 4: to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education; promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all especially girls. we work to ensure that everyone has access to learning no matter who they and where they are.

Fight Sexual And Gender Based Violence

We tired of seeing and having our women and girls suffer in silence. we want to break that chain of generational injustice expressed an act of discrimination against women/girls who have been subject to sexual assaults of many kinds and domestic violence.

Injustice anywhere and to anyone is an injustice to all. the fight against violence against women is a necessity that needs the joint effort of all –  it’s a public menace to be fought with a united front, all hands on deck and must be fought now.

Sexual and gender-based violence is not inevitable or cultural; they can be prevented and we at lift Africa foundation are championing the course of ending it for good.

Building Stronger Institutions

Every individual upon the face of the earth deserves good social amenities. it is essential that the basic components of a progressive society like quality health care, education, food, clean water, shelter etc. are available and accessible to all when needed.

We make a duty to engage and collaborate with key players in government, interested organizations and international bodies on public policy and infrastructural development, in a bid to ensure accountability in the use of public funds for judicious usage and better public service delivery especially in marginalized communities

Addressing Food Security

Societal dysfunctions like hunger, starvation, malnutrition are real; they are huge hazard ravaging many communities across Africa largely reasons due to drought, desertification, poor agriculture system, defects in governance etc.

We are scaling up a comprehensive approach to fighting hunger and strengthening food security through agriculture-led growth, nutrition and resilience. investing in smallholder farmers many of whom are women and also providing emergency food assistance to vulnerable populations and malnourished individuals can survive and bounce back in times of crisis.

Reducing Inequalities

Every man or woman, boy or girl deserves to be treated with equity, fairness and dignity regardless of his/her background, race, ethnicity or religion. the things that bound us all together are always more than what distinguishes us; we are given the course of upholding the culture of embarrassing diversity in the spirit of unity.

Lift Africa foundation works on both prevention and response to sexual and gender-based violence. on one side, we look at encouraging cultural and behavioural change, with a special focus on young people and men as agents of change. this is the main component through which we try to tackle real issues related to gender equality; the stereotypes, and the cultural acceptance of violence that exists. 

Upholding Human Right

We work at promoting public safety, security and access to justice through empirical research, legislative advocacy and publication in partnership with the government, civil society and the private sector.

The only way in which can all coexist together in peace and tranquillity is when human rights are respected, seen this right as not privileges but an entitlement to all humanity which shouldn’t be trampled on not even in the guise of power or authority.

Educating the girl child is one of our focus areas and in doing that, we try to address the problems truncating the education of these girls.