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Lift Africa is a Civic and Social Organisation whose works is laden around a passionate commitment to empowering the most vulnerable and marginalized people, especially in Africa. For 3 years of our existence, we have set our sight to impacting society through various initiative strategically developed in addressing a key aspect of societal misfortunes to eradicate all forms of discrimination, human rights abuse, societal neglect; thus inspiring a world where every individual regardless of gender, ethnicity, or age is treated with respect and dignity. Our motivation for inspiring change is that essential commodities for a progressive society are made readily available; where there is access to quality education, human rights are respect and justice is duly served. A society where diversity is embraced, absence of poverty with no one having to suffer from hunger, violence or deprivation of care.

Staying true to what we stand for and our firm commitment to the ideals of the UN’s SGD goals, we specialize in taking a long term approach to providing sustainable solutions to the problems faced in our targeted communities and focus groups of primary concern.

Since Lift Africa’s founding in 2018, as a volunteer-driven organization, we’ve been able to accrue notable achievements through our various humanitarian services and programmes channelled to reduce out-of-school children, combat sexual and gender-based violence, improve the livelihood of women and girls in rural communities through better education, skills acquisition, health and hygiene orientation… Our advocacy and project initiatives have so far catered for the enrollment into formal education from primary to tertiary level of over 2000 young girls across 8 Northern States. More so, more than 250 women have been empowered with new skillsets in food processing with the added provision of financial grants and machinery aimed at helping these women with a source of livelihood where they can care for family, meet their basic needs, and serve their community better.

Our unrelenting effort towards human development has seen us earn the support and partnership of the Canadian High Commission, The Global Partnership to End Violence, The Kano State Ministry of Education.

Despite our huge strides within a short time of establishment towards our collective goals, we still believe strongly that we have a long way to go in our pursuit of social justice, fairness and harmony. We remain resolute to our course, working earnestly to innovate, devising better ideas and approach whilst seeking all the help or collaborations we can get from individuals, key players of industries, relevant authorities and groups who are open and passionate to drive change either as volunteers, mentors, funding, donation, active participation etc.

Empowering the most vulnerable and marginalized people

We envision a world of hope, non-discrimination and social justice without poverty, where human rights are respected and all people, irrespective of the social class will live in dignity and security.

  • Foster a society where no one is marginalized
  • Strive to restore parity in a social class by enhancing the access to quality education especially in rural communities
  • Reduce significantly out-of-school children in Africa
  • Empower over 500,000 women and girls with the right skillsets, the right orientation and robust education that repositions them to take charge of their destiny and determine what they want to become or achieve in life.
  • End all forms of sexual and gender-based violence
  • Protect the right of girls from depriving the most important choice of their lives as to who and when to marry, career, sexuality and dignity
  • Advocate the creation and implementation of policies that drive human development, stronger and efficient institution, human rights and equality.


reducing inequalities and ensuring that no one is left behind.


we want to do more to empower people at the grassroots and those in need


We are working tirelessly to reduce the number of out of school children


your intellectual and financial support can help us to help those in need.


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