When Breaking Barriers Makes You A Champion

When Breaking Barriers Makes You A Champion

Hard work really doesn’t go unnoticed, someday the reward will follow.  It’s being 3 long years since we – Lift Africa Foundation, founded by Aisha Hamman – began our journey pursuing a course that seeks to restore hope to women and girls suffering abuse, deprivation, and marginalization, something we consider an obligated responsibility of ensuring women and girls are empowered to live the fullness of their potential regardless of the limitations and obstacle.

The journey of a thousand miles they say begins with a step; but so far as a team, we are not looking at slowing down anytime soon, there’s still a long road ahead of us as we continue to seek more opportunities to impact and engage more communities, key players, focus groups and individuals through our projects and advocacy initiatives. But for Aisha Hamman, she’s come a very long way down the path of greatness and making a difference. Perhaps we can call it an adventure; full of adversity, turbulence, highs and lows, and of course successes. A journey that involved going against the culture and wishes of family members to being married off at age 14 but rather chases her dream of becoming a lawyer which did in grand style, to seeking justice for minors who were victims of rape (one of which was a 6-month-old baby), rescuing out-of-school girls from the streets, and also leading a movement against child marriage through various advocacy initiatives.

“I Wanted to Break Barriers…”, Aisha Hamman, recounted in an interview with the Global Partnership and Fund to End Violence, as she told her story and experience so far leading the fight to end violence against women and girls through the Lift Africa Foundation which she started in 2018, in a bid to do more for empowering women, and elevating their livelihood. As we will have it,  the good work of this beacon of hope cheering a revolution in the strive for gender equality got massive recognition as Aisha Hamman was named the Latest Legal Champion for girls in Nigeria.

Awards, prizes, milestones, and recognition are like validation of the value we provide,  and the positive difference our works or service make in solving or address human challenges. We owe our lives and privileges to making the world a better place, where no one is discriminated against but rather everyone is treated with dignity and equal opportunity. This is for every woman and girl out there who because of their gender face various challenges or hindrance; keeping fighting, and don’t lose faith

Read the full article as Aisha share her story in an interview with the GPE to End Violence by clicking the link: https://www.end-violence.org/articles/aysha-hamman-legal-champion-girls-nigeria

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