We envision a world of hope, non-discrimination and social justice without poverty, where human rights are respected and all people, irrespective of the social class will live in dignity and security.

our mission

Empowering the most vulnerable and marginalized people

story about us

lift africa

Lift Africa is a Civic and Social Organisation whose works is laden around a passionate commitment to empowering the most vulnerable and marginalized people, especially in Africa. For 3 years of our existence, we have set our sight to impacting society through various initiative strategically developed in addressing a key aspect of societal misfortunes to eradicate all forms of discrimination, human rights abuse, societal neglect; thus inspiring a world where every individual regardless of gender, ethnicity, or age is treated with respect and dignity. Our motivation for inspiring change is that essential commodities for a progressive society are made readily available; where there is access to quality education, human rights are respect and justice is duly served. A society where diversity is embraced, absence of poverty with no one having to suffer from hunger, violence or deprivation of care.